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You've come to the right place for bunting, lamp shades, light shades, trimmings, ribbon  quilting fabric! At I Of The Needle we carry most stylish trimmings, ribbon and quilting fabrics any sewing professional (or amateur) can find! Here you will find a wide array of trimming, ribbon and quilting fabric that anyone can afford! We have taken a traditional trimming, ribbon and fabric business into the 21st century by offering an extensive selection of Heavy Embroidered Trim, a unique range of Iron on Trims, & Fancy appliqués, alongside some Ribbons and premium 100% cotton Patchwork and Quilting Fabric, to the on-line customer for a convenient and enjoyable experience.

The highest-quality and latest styles of trimmings, ribbons and quilting fabric are awaiting you at I Of The Needle. Anyone who sews will appreciate the wonderful value of our quilting fabric, ribbons and trimmings. For the person who appreciates quality or the person, who sews, will definitely appreciate this selection. Trimmings, ribbons,  and quilting fabric are very versatile—one needs only drape it over an item to make something old look fresh or something boring look exciting! So anyone can benefit from our products at I Of The Needle! Why not buy one today?

Our trimmings and ribbon provide a fun, fashionable way to increase your wardrobe possibilities. With the selection we can offer you of ready-made trimmings, we are perfect for the latest craft trend. You can gain great satisfaction in developing your own fashion style. With our trimming selection you can easily add matching accents to whatever you create. Come on! Step out in style and start creating those things you haven’t thought of in a while!                                                                                                            

I Of The Needle are also stocking unfinished mdf products may require light sanding on the edges, but they have a hard, flat surface making them ideal for crafters.

Mdf shapes can be personalised by painting with different paint effects, stencilling, rubber stamping, decoupage and all kinds of different crafting techniques. The possibilities are endless!                                                                                                               

All our products can be used for Scrapbooking, Card making, Quilters, Cake decoration & Dress making.

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